Chairman of Board of Trustee
1992: Jayant Mehta
1993: Jayant Mehta
1994: Piyush Joshi
1995: Piyush Joshi
1996: Jayant Mehta
1997: Pramod Shah
1998: Jayant Mehta
1999: Piyush Joshi
2000: Avatar Dhaliwal
2001: Ashok Gala
2002: Ashok Mehta
2003: Jayant Mehta
2004: Ashok Mehta
2005: Ashok Gala
2006: Anil Agrawal
2007: Anil Agrawal
2008: Puneet Goenka
2009: Jayant Mehta
2010: Manoj Srinath
2011: Manoj Srinath
2012: Darshan Shah
2013: Darshan Shah
2014: Dr. Ashok Mehta
2015: Dr. Ashok Mehta

President of the Executive Committee
1992: Jayant Mehta
1993: Jayant Mehta
1994: Piyush Joshi
1995: Des Bharti
1996: Ashok Mehta
1997: Ashok Mehta
1998: Ramesh Rao
1999: Ashok Gala
2000: Ashok Gala
2001: Mahendra Sharma
2002: Anil Agrawal
2003: Anil Agrawal
2004: Manoj Srinath
2005: Manoj Srinath
2006: Ashok Mehta
2007: Brinda Gala
2008: Brinda Gala
2009: Ranjan Chakraborty
2010: Darshan Shah
2011: Darshan Shah
2012: Poorvi Tiku
2013: Dr. Sunny Bhat 
2014: Dr Rajesh Kadam
2015: Dr Rajesh Kadam

About Us!

RIACC, a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, was established in 1992 in Tri-cities, TN/VA, to:

  • Promote religious, educational, social and cultural activities based on Indian philosophy of peace, love, justice and harmony.
  • Develop and maintain mutually beneficial friendship and goodwill among all people and with other charitable organizations with similar objectives.
  • Regularly hold congregations and celebrate special occasions of interest to the community.

Support RIACC and Tricities Temple, built for multiple faiths!!!

RIACC Board of Trustees:


Dr. Ashok Mehta – Chairman

Dr. Puneet Goenka - Vice Chairman

Dr. Jay Mehta - Treasurer

Dr. Darshan Shah

Dr. Manoj Srinath

Mr. Anil Agrawal

Mr. Ashok Gala

Dr. Giri Hoskere

RIACC Exec. Committee


Ms. Brinda Gala - President

Ms. Ramya Ramaswami - Vice President

Mr. Rajan Nair - General Secretary

Ms. Monica Patel - Treasurer

Tricities Temple Committee


Dr. Manoj Srinath - Chairman

Dr. Darshan Shah -Board Member

Dr. Puneet Goenka- Board Member

Mr. Atul Shukla - General Body Member

Mr. Darshan Patel - General Body Member


Mr. Bhavesh Joshi


Welcome to the Regional Indian-American Community Center (RIACC),  Tricities Temple and Amy Community Center.

RIACC is a non-profit organization serving the Indo-American Community in the Tri-Cities, TN/VA and surrounding areas